Welcome to the Director of Education’s New Blog!

As promised, this blog is intended to share information about our products, provide insight to concerns our software users may have and to offer suggestions on school administrative issues.  With this blog, I am going to highlight our suite of models that can help schools in many areas and many ways!

Currently, we have three major software programs – all developed by leaders in the field of anti-bullying education and RTI (response to intervention).  Our programs are used in hundreds of schools throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and we are still growing!  Our growth is great, but we pride ourselves in helping districts handle HIB (harassment, intimidation and bullying) incidents and pre-referral and referral cases in a more effective, efficient manner.

Our programs are as follows:



This program allows schools to monitor and record any incidents of bullying or even act as recording system for code of conduct violations.  With easy to use tab features, an incident can be investigated thoroughly, record witness statements, generate parent reports and be handled in a proper “chain of command” way.  No incident can be overlooked or forgotten because there is an email reminder system that alerts school officials about any incident that needs handled.  With a mobile app and anonymous reporting tool, HIBster helps to keep schools proactive in their stance against these negative incidents.



This program is experiencing tremendous growth with many districts.  HIBsterVention is a software that can handle any RTI case.  It has the ability to create a pre-referral plan for use by the classroom teacher with the use of hundreds of instructional and academic interventions.  Special education referral plans can also be developed as well as 504 and ELL plans.  We are in the process of developing a SAP component to HIBsterVention that should be ready by January 2017.

HIBster PD


HIBster PD is a suite of on-line professional development videos that schools can use for individual teacher use or department level activities.  Each video covers different aspect of school operations such as affirmative action, suicide prevention, asthma, anti-bullying laws, etc.  Once the course is completed, the educator can take an assessment; if the educator scores 7 out of 10, a certificate of completion can be printed for the required professional development hours.

We are excited about these programs and have received great testimonials about our programs.  However, if you should have any suggestions for a program to help you, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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