Onspire Learning Management System

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Expert-developed online professional training.

Onspire is the first to fuse expert-developed online professional training courses with a custom content learning management system. The result of this fusion is the most innovative and versatile online learning system on the market.

As a custom content learning management system, Onspire boasts the following capabilities:

  • Enables school districts to become a community of engaged learners through the creation of individual user accounts for all employees, contracted service providers, volunteers, parents and students
  • Enables school districts to join Onspire’s Learning Network (OLN). OLN is a shared online course/presentation library that encourages collegiality among educators and school districts;
  • Provides school districts with the freedom and power to develop custom online training programs for employees, contracted service providers and volunteers and to share or use custom content via OLN
  • Enables school districts to develop custom online presentations for students, parents and community members and to share or use custom content via OLN
  • Provides school districts with ability to track course participation, course completion and to collect valuable data from users;
  • Provides teachers with the power to develop custom online lessons for students (flipped learning) and to share or use custom content via OLN
  • Enables districts to manage individual and group professional development plans
  • Provides district with ability to set and send auto-alerts and reminders for individual professional development plans, to set course completion deadlines and to track course completion by individual user and group;
  • Enables district to auto-award certificates for each course completion based on post-assessment score
  • Provides a comprehensive reporting system.