Online Professional Learning

PD3 is designed to alleviate the administrative burdens related to the delivery and management of a district’s professional development programs.

Comprehensive, Efficient, and Accountable are the words that inspired the design and development of PD3.


PD3 provides an extensive catalog of professional development topics and titles that extends beyond the minimum requirements as set forth by the New Jersey Department of Education while not sacrificing quality.

PD3’s extensive catalog of professional development titles is efficiently organized to match the New Jersey Department of Education’s professional development categories.


Each course is divided into easy to manage micro-chapters that can be completed over multiple sessions. This provides educators with the flexibility to complete assigned courses over time in a highly efficient manner. Participants are not required to sit for hours at a time in front of a computer screen to meet their professional requirements. Some course chapters are as low five minutes in length, which delivers the overall content in more easily digestible portions.


PD3 is built upon a powerful, proprietary platform that enables school districts to assign, manage, monitor, and record all professional development. Each course concludes with an online assessment that randomizes the order of questions and responses to maintain fidelity. Upon successful completion of the assessment, the user is provided with a PDF of his or her certificate of completion, and the software archives the record and sends an alert to the assigned system administrator.

PD3 districts benefit from the system’s ability to set a completion date for each assigned course by the user; track each user’s progress in real-time; send auto-alerts and reminders to users and administrators; send notifications to assigned users upon successful or unsuccessful completion of course; and generate user and district-level reports that include the course title, user name, date and time of completion and assessment results. All features result in a highly reliable professional development management system that ensures staff and district accountability.

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