R3: Resolve, Remediate, Restore

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R3 is a virtual school counselor software system that provides scripted and recorded video counseling sessions via Onspire. R3 may be implemented by a staff member or completed independently by a student. It is founded upon the three ‘R’s of school counseling.

Conflict, defiance, harassment, intimidation and bullying are all forms of aggression. Our scripted and recorded video counseling sessions and activities utilize best practice techniques and methodologies to modify problematic behaviors and to develop a greater awareness of pro-social behaviors.

Our student-centered approaches focus on labeling behaviors–not students. As equally important, R3 enables school staff to electronically archive the R3 process to help protect the district from liability and litigation.

With R3, school districts will rest assured that they did their due diligence to resolve conflicts, remediate problematic behaviors and restore trust with all student sessions archived in our software.