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Post-Incident/Investigation Remediation

We know that students misbehave and have conflicts from time to time. Investigations and disciplinary referrals are not enough to address problematic behaviors.

When problematic behaviors arise, students need remedial social-emotional lessons.

We also know that remedial social-emotional lessons require more time and energy from staff and that teachers, school counselors, and social workers have little to no time to do more. Therefore, we developed R3 as a self-directed, remedial social-emotional learning program, that utilizes cognitive behavior therapy techniques, to teach students the skills they need to prevent future occurrences of the problematic behavior.

R3 utilizes videos and highly engaging interactive lessons to teach the aggressor to learn the why of his actions, how the behavior adversely impacted the target, and the school’s culture and climate, and effective strategies to prevent recurrences of the behavior, and to develop a greater sense of compassion and empathy for others. It teaches the target to identify aggressive behaviors, and to differentiate harassment, intimidation, and bullying from conflict, to develop self-advocacy skills, and to learn effective strategies to avoid and report aggressive behaviors safely.

Students’ completed lessons are saved in our secure servers and are a few clicks away to serve as evidence of the effort to remediate problematic behaviors. With R3, school districts can rest assured that they did their due diligence to resolve conflicts, to remediate problematic behaviors related to harassment, intimidation, and bullying, and to restore trust among students.

Let R3 help you strengthen your school’s response to problematic behaviors and remedial measures.

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