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User Management

HIBster administrative users can manage their own user accounts. Whoever is designated as the System Admin has the ability to create and modify user account information, including the changing of passwords and activation / deactivation of accounts. System admins also assign roles and schools to users.

It is important to specify an e-mail address when creating user accounts. Remember that HIBster users receive various types of e-mail alerts (task deadline approaching, assignment to an incident), so if the incorrect e-mail address is indicated that user will not receive those notifications.

If a user forgets their password, he/she can simply ask the System Admin to create a new one for them.

School Management

Users can also modify limited information about their own school district and the schools within it. This includes the school district name, country, state/province and website as well as the Superintendent’s name and e-mail address. The accuracy of this information is also important for both task alerts and the auto-population of documents.

You can also modify individual schools in the district in case anything changes. This includes the school’s name, Principal’s name, and contact information – Address, city, country, State/Province, Zip code, Phone / Fax numbers, and Website.


If you would like to add your school district’s logo to personalize your HIBster interface, you may do so by uploading the image from your computer. The logo will then appear near the top right hand corner of each screen.