C3: Civility, Compassion, Cultural (K-8)

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C3 is an electronic, interactive K-8 curriculum powered by Onspire. C3 is that is aligned to the Common Core Standards for Language Arts Literacy, the American School Counselors Association Standards and state Health Education Standards which enables districts to implement the program across multiple disciplines.

Many educational and community leaders believe that incivility among our adult population is on the rise and detrimental to the social and emotional development of our children. Research indicates links between deficits in social emotional learning and academic achievement among K-12 students. Conversely, numerous research reports show that social and emotional learning can have a positive impact on students’ academic performance.

C3 starts each year with a foundational lesson that teaches students and staff a common language for identifying, communicating and reporting problematic behaviors including: harassment, intimidation, bullying, aggression, bias, discrimination, etc. As equally important, C3 teaches personal advocacy skills, non-violent responses to aggression and conflict, healthy coping mechanisms for psycho-social manipulation, compassion and empathy.