How Our Onspire Software Can Help You With Teaching Online Right Now

Everyone can do with a bit of certainty right now. The conditions we find ourselves in are complicated, and even that is an understatement. With so many aspects of daily life constantly in flux, something simple is long overdue. Our Onspire software aims to make online teaching easy in a time that is anything but. 

COVID-19 has brought on change quicker than most would have liked. Schools have closed their doors and moved online, which has, in some cases, caused more confusion than progress. Fickle Internet connections, missed emails, and misinterpreted instructions are hurdles students, teachers, and staff must face every day. The conversion of lesson plans to virtual instruction is causing grief to teachers across the nation. Parents of students are worried about keeping in contact with schools to ensure that their child stays on the right track in completing the current academic year. 

Onspire is an inspired online learning program designed to make virtual education simple and accessible for students, teachers and administrators. It fuses expert-developed content with customized user-developed content to provide a unique and versatile online learning experience, all while being easy to manage. 

Teachers everywhere face the challenge of having to adjust all of their teaching online.

There are three modules that make up the Onspire software: PD3, C3, and R3. The PD3 program was created to be comprehensive, efficient, and accountable. It is designed to alleviate the administrative burdens related to the delivery and management of a district’s professional development programs. PD3 provides a variety of professional development courses in the form of instructional videos and slideshows with narration. The assessments included are randomized to ensure staff fidelity, and a PDF certificate of completion helps foster accountability of staff and administrators. 

The C3 program is inspired by 3 C’s in particular: civility, compassion, and culture. Students receive social-emotional learning through exercises that focus on identifying emotions and behaviors. Children ages K-8 are able to learn about topics that fall within the categories of the three C’s. Civility lessons teach students how to interact with the world around them. Compassion lessons help them understand their own emotions as well as the feelings of others, and culture lessons include topics dealing with diversity. 

R3 is meant to resolve, remediate, and restore. Students may sometimes exhibit problematic behaviors, and when those arise, they need remedial social-emotional lessons. Teachers, staff, and administrators, especially in recent times, may not have the time available to offer adequate emotional support. R3 is self-directed. It utilizes videos and interactive lessons with cognitive therapy techniques to help students understand what they may have done rather than simply telling them they were wrong. 

All of Onspire’s programs are secure and easy to use as well as customizable to fit every school’s unique needs. Subscriptions include a custom course creator to ease the burden of lesson planning. Teachers finding themselves at a loss for what to do with their plans for the rest of the semester can rest assured that Onspire will serve as a helpful resource in scheduling the remainder of the year’s course material. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic enforcing social distancing and online learning, it is imperative now more than ever that schools are able to adapt to meet the needs of its students, teachers, staff, and parents. Communication is one of the pillars of Onspire. It allows teachers to easily share content with the district and students’ parents, which is a key component in achieving truly successful distance education. Additionally, Onspire has options for custom remote programs specifically for parents. 

Adaptation and innovation is what Onspire is all about, and it’s what will make the difference when working together toward an inclusive and efficient learning environment.