Frequently Asked Questions

HIBster Software

What is HIBster PA?

HIBster Pa is bullying incident recording software modeled after our successful program in New Jersey. Although not required by law yet in Pa, HIBster Pa is ready to help your district be proactive in tackling bullying issues in schools.

How does HIBster reduce paperwork?

HIBster’s autofill features automatically input information into state forms, reports and letters. These features drastically reduce the amount of paperwork you are required to complete and send to the state.

Will HIBster be difficult to learn?

Absolutely not! HIBster is extremely user-friendly and we are confident in its ease of use. However, we will provide training and plenty of documentation just in case you do run into some issues.

How long does HIBster keep backed up reports?

HIBster will keep backed up reports for up to 99 years. That may sound excessive, but you never know when someone is going to ask you to refer to a report.

I may want to add more users to HIBster. Can I do that?

Yes, that can be done by the System Admin (who may be the superintendent, principal, or another administrator). The System Admin may add new users as well as edit and deactivate existing users.

Is this a secure system?

Absolutely. All data is safely protected by robust and secure servers.

Is this going to break our budget?

On the contrary, it is going to help your budget. This software was created with the goal in mind of saving schools money. Because of its efficiency and time-saving functions, HIBster will eliminate the need for commonly used resources that pile up in expense over time, such as paper, ink, filing systems and additional storage that might have increased in order to comply with legislation and policies.

What does HIBster offer to help prevent future incidents?

HIBster’s package includes a website dedicated to preventing bullying behavior. The website, called HIBhub, is an online community for students to gather anonymously to share experiences, provide help during difficult situations, and encourage each other to be positive. The website also contains plenty of reading material which members may use to learn more about bullying behavior — the psychology behind it, how prevalent it is, and how to handle it in real life situations.

How does HIBster help prevent lawsuits?

HIBster leaves little room for mishaps and omissions. Its incident manager, evaluation tools, and task management abilities keep information concise and ensure all users are aware of every situation. If a claim is filed, your school will be prepared to prove they have done everything they could. What’s more, HIBster includes red flag identifiers that indicate common victims and offenders as well as incident “hot spots”. This provides you with the means to monitor certain individuals and locations more closely to stop a tragedy before it gets a chance.

Law, Policy and Process

How long do I have to report an incident to the principal?

If you are the first person who is made aware of an incident, you have 2 school days to report it to the principal (or add the incident into HIBster).

How long do we have to complete an investigation?

10 days, which includes time taken to determine the incident as founded or unfounded.

Who judges whether an incident is founded or unfounded?

That is typically determined by the principal or school administrator, who then submits the incident to the district anti-bullying coordinator for approval.


Why is the state of New Jersey so prominent on your website and all the screenshots?

New Jersey schools are currently the heaviest users of the HIBster software. There are over 200 schools benefiting from the system right now. New Jersey also has some of the strictest anti-bullying legislation in the United States.