About Us

Educational Development Software (EDS) began with its development of HIBster Anti-Bullying Software.

HIBster was initially developed in response to the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act in the state of New Jersey. School districts expressed concerns about having the ability to keep up with the strict rules and regulations of this law. So, we came up with a way for them to easily collect incidents from anonymous people and conveniently manage them all from one place.

The program started as a simple incident manager where users added incidents manually and modified them as needed. Down the road HIBster added the capability to automatically queue incidents up in the system that were submitted using an online form placed on the school district’s website.

Keeping open communication lines with school districts only helped HIBster to grow even more. Today, HIBster not only collects and manages incidents, but also creates and sends reports, auto-generates state documents, manages tasks for users, tracks hot spots and trends and much more. School districts all over the nation can customize HIBster to match their particular legislative and policy requirements.

Since HIBster, EDS has created and established even more comprehensive solutions for K12 schools:

  • HIBsterVention is an intervention and referral services (I&RS) software that identifies at-risk students and helps the I&RS team create optimal action plans.
  • aSAP is a student assistance program that streamlines the Student Assistant Program from start to finish, beginning with initial referrals from staff and ending with the completion of end-of-year reports.
  • Onspire is an online learning management system that allows educators to complete professional development hours from anywhere – their home, the office, or even Bali. The system provides an innovative and versatile online learning environment for school districts.
  • Team HIBster provides student, staff and parent trainings and programs for all areas of education. Our team is proud to be working towards the elimination of bullying and suicide among youth.
  • EduHelper is our program geared towards helping administrators, teachers, counselors, and intervention specialists with any questions or concerns they face in their jobs. Our team of experienced consultants assist educators with a range of issues, from behavior concerns to teaching strategies.

In just a few short years, EDS has developed and provided 250+ school districts with products helping to enrich the education and quality of life for their students. What’s next?